Facility Rental Request Procedures

In order to request facility use within the Waterloo Community School District we have implemented a new process/procedure and fee schedules effective July 1, 2016.

You can access the Facilities Usage Manual by Clicking Here.

To request use of our facilities, you must complete the Facility Use Request Form and Facility Use Agreement and turn in those completed forms to Lorelei Tack either by e-mail, in person, or by mail for approval.

Required Forms Include

1. Facility Request Form and Agreement (See links below)

2. Certificate of Insurance Liability including the Waterloo Community Schools as “Additionally Insured” and/or Waiver and Release of Liability

3. Copy of IRS letter indicating non-profit (501 (c) 3) status if applicable

It is important to submit all completed forms at least 10 days prior to rental request.

There are a few options to submit the forms.

To download the forms and submit by e-mail, please Click Here.  (Please note that you may have to click “enable editing” and some versions of Word are not compatible with this form so you will not be able to check the boxes)

Please turn in completed form by e-mailing it to Lorelei Tack at [email protected]

To print out the form and complete manually, please Click Here.

Please turn in completed form either in person or by mail to:

Waterloo Schools, 1516 Washington St, Waterloo, IA   50702, ATTN: Lorelei Tack