Commonly Used Acronyms

AA          Affirmative Action

ABC        Across the Board Cut

ADA       Americans with Disabilities Act

ADD       Attention-Deficit Disorder

ADHD    Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

AEA        Area Education Agency

AIG        Annual Improvement Goal

AMO     Annual Measurable Objective

AP          Advanced Placement (high school courses)

APR        Annual Progress Report

ASCD     Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

AT           Assistive Technology

AYP        Adequate Yearly Progress

BEDS      Basic Educational Data Survey

BIP         Behavior Intervention Plan

BOEE     Board of Educational Examiners

BRI         Basic Reading Inventory

BT           Building Tomorrow Survey

CBA        Curriculum Based Assessment

CBE        Curriculum Based Evaluation

CBM      Curriculum Based Measurement

CD          Compact Disc

CFA        Common Formative Assessment

CGI         Cognitively Guided Instruction

CH 12     Iowa Code – Accreditation Standards for Public & Non-Public Schools

CIA         Career Interest Academy

CIA         Curriculum Instruction Assessment

CIP         Continuous Improvement Process

CPI         Competent Private Instruction

CSD        Community School District

CSIP       Comprehensive School Improvement Plan

CTE         Career and Technical Education

CVP        Cedar Valley Promise

DCDP     District Career Development Plan (Professional Development)

DDDM   Data Driven Decision Making

DDISD   District Developed Instructional Service Delivery Systems

DDL        Data Driven Leadership

DE           Iowa Department of Education

DHS        Department of Human Services

DIBELS  Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills

DINA     District in Need of Assistance

DOT       Department of transportation (driver’s ed.)

DRA       Developmental Reading Assessment

DWA      District-Wide Assessment

E2T2       Enhancing Education Through Technology

ECE         Early Childhood Education

ECR        Every Child Reads

ECSE      Early Childhood Special Education

EEO        Equal Employment Opportunity

EHC2      Exploring Health Careers Consortium

EI            Eligible Individual

EIS          Effective Instructional Strategies

EIT          Excellence in Teaching (class for teachers)

ELDA      English Language Development Assessment

ELL          English Language Learner

ELP         Enriched Learning Program- Gifted

EMC2     Exploring Manufacturing Careers Consortium

E-rate    Universal Service Fund for Schools and Libraries

ESC         Education Service Center

ESL         English as a Second Language (programming model)

ESYS       Extended School Year Services

ETP         Early Talent Program (high schools and John Deere)

ETS         Effective Teaching Strategies

FA           Formative Assessment

FAPE      Free Appropriate Public Education

FAY        Full Academic Year

FBA        Functional Behavioral Assessment

FCS         Family Consumer Science

FERPA   Family Education Rights Privacy Act

FINE       First in the Nation in Education

FINO      Failure is not an Option

FRL         Free and Reduced Lunch

FRN        A Funding Request Number

FTP         File Transfer Protocol

GBPAC  Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center

GE          Grade Equivalent

GED       General Equivalency Diploma

GEI         General Education Intervention

GRR       Gradual Release of Responsibility

GTT        Gateway To Technology (middle school engineering)

H1N1     Type of Influenza Strand

HCC        Hawkeye Community College

HH          Hospital Homebound

HIPAA   Health Insurance Portability and

                Accountability Act

HR          Human resources

HSAP     Home School Assistance Program

HSCI       High School Continuous Improvement

IAA         Iowa Alternate Assessment

IAAE      Iowa Association of Alternative Education

IACTE    Iowa Association of Career and Technical Education

IASB       Iowa Association of School Boards

IASBO   Iowa Association of School Business Officials

IASCD    Iowa Association of Supervision & Curriculum Development

IBEA       Iowa Business Education Association

ICAM     Iowa Collaborative Assessment Modules (assessment tools)

ICC         Iowa Core Curriculum

ICDP      Individual Career Development Plan

ICN         Iowa Communications Network

IDEA      Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

IDM       Instructional Decision Making Model

IEP          Individual Education Program

IGE         Iowa Grade Equivalent

IHP         Individualized Health Plan

IJAG       Iowa Jobs for America?s Graduates

IMS        Information Management System

IMSEP   Iowa Math and Science Education Partnership

IP            (address) Internet Protocol (network number asked for by tech dept when troubleshooting)

IPDM     Iowa Professional Development Model

IPERS     Iowa Public Employees Retirement System

IPR         Iowa Percentile Ranks

IPTV       Iowa Public Television

ISEA       Iowa State Education Association

ISLLC      Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium

ISP          Internet Service Provider

ISS          Iowa Standard Score

ISTA       Iowa Science Teachers Association

ISU         Iowa State University

IT            Industrial Technology

IT            Information Technology

ITAP       Iowa Technical Adequacy Project

ITBS       Iowa Test of Basic Skills

ITED       Iowa Test of Educational Development

JA           Junior Achievement

JCS         Juvenile Court System

KU          University of Kansas Strategies and Content Enhancement

LAN        Local Area Network

LAS         Language Assessment Scale

LEA         Local Education Association (school district)

LEP         Limited English Proficiency

LRE         Least Restrictive Environment

MAP      Measures of Academic Progress Testing

MCGF   Multicultural Gender Fair

McREL   Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning

MSDS    Material Supply Data Sheet

NAEP     National Assessment of Educational Progress

NCE        Normal Curve Equivalent

NCES     National Center for Education Statistics

NCLB     No Child Left Behind

NEA       National Education Association

NGE       National Grade Equivalent

NPR       National Percentile Ranks

NSBA     National School Board Association

NSS        National Standard Score

NSTA     National Science Teachers Association

NWEA   Northwest Evaluation Association

OCR       Office of Civil Rights

OS          Operating System

OSEP     Office of Special Education Programs

OSERS   Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services

OT          Occupational Therapist

P & A     Iowa Protection and Advocacy

PAT        Performance Assessment Task

PBDA     Performance Based Diploma Academy

PBS        Positive Behavior Supports or  PBIS Positive Behavior Intervention Supports

PD          Professional Development

PE           Physical Education

PI            Parent Involvement

PIE          Partners in Education

PIRC       Parent Involvement Resource Center

PLC         Professional Learning Communities

PLE         Plato Learning Environment (on-line learning)

PLTW     Project Lead the Way (engineering courses)

PO          Purchase Order

POS        Program of Studies

PPEL      Physical Plant and Equipment Levy Grant

PR           Percentile Ranks

PSEO     Post Secondary Education Option Act

PSY         Psychologist

PT           Physical Therapist

PTO/PTA Parent Teacher Organization or Parent Teacher


PWIM   Picture Word Inductive Model

QA          Quality Assurance

QAR       Question Answer Relationship

QPPS     Quality Preschool Program Standards

QPVI      Quality Programs for Students with Visual Impairments

R4           Rigor, Relevance, Relationships & Reflection

R & D     Research & Development

RFP        Request for Proposal

RFQ        Request For Quotation

RIOT      Review, Interview, Observe, Test/Assess

RN          Registered Nurse

ROM      Read-Only Memory

RR           Reading Recovery

RSVP     Retired Senior Volunteer Program

RTI          Response to Intervention

SAI         School Administrators of Iowa

SBR        Scientifically Based Research

SBRC      School Budget Review Committee

SBRI       Scientifically Based Reading Instruction

SBRR      Scientifically Based Reading Research

SCR        Second Chance Reading (help for struggling MS/HS learners w/reading)

SEA        State Education Agency

SEP         Summer Enrichment Program

SES         Social Economic Status

SES         Supplemental Educational Services

SIAC       School Improvement Advisory Committee

SINA      Schools in Need of Assistance

SIOP      Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol

SIP          School Improvement Plan

SIS          Student Information System

SLC         Smaller Learning Communities

SLP         Speech-Language Pathologist

SP           Service Provider

SPED      Special education

SPIN      A unique nine-digit number for service providers after submitting Form 473

SS           Standard Score

SSDI       Social Security Disability Income (federal program)

SSI          Supplemental Security Income (federal program)

SSW       School Social Worker

STEM     Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

SWRT    Statewide Reading Team

TAG       Talented and Gifted Students Program

TAP        Transition Alliance Program

TDD-TTY  Telecommunication Device for the Deaf

TESOL    Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

TITLE I   Supplemental Service for Eligible Children in

                Reading and Math

TITLE XIX Section of Fed. Social Security Act relating to medical serv. for low income families w/special needs

TSA        Tax Sheltered Annuity

UEN       Urban Education Network

UNI        University of Northern Iowa

USAC     Universal Service Administrative Company

USF        Universal Service Fund – discounts to telecommunications carriers

VNC       Virtual Network Computing (tech department refers to this when connecting to staff computers remotely.  ?Look for the VNC icon in the lower right hand corner of your computer?)

Voc Rehab        Vocational Rehabilitation

VOD       Video on Demand

VPN       Virtual Private Network

VT           Voluntary Transfer

WAN     Wide Area Network

WASA   Waterloo Association of School Administrators

WCS       Waterloo Community Schools

WCSD    Waterloo Community School District

WEA      Waterloo Education Association

WEBC    Waterloo Education and Behavioral Center

WEC       Work Experience Coordinator

WEF       Weighted Enrollment Factor

WESP    Waterloo Education Support Personnel

WISC     Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children

WPN      Written Prior Notice

WWW   Wor