Strategic Plan

The Waterloo Schools community commits to a comprehensive system of education and support to assure that each and every student will graduate prepared for college, career, and citizenship as evidenced by continuing education, pursuing a career path, and contributing to a community. 

Strategic Focus Areas and Objectives

Recruit, hire and retain a diverse, high-performing workforce aligned with district values and goals.
● Enhance and clarify hiring protocol to ensure awareness and consistency between buildings.
● Align staff with talent and workforce needs (strengths-based placements with the right people in the right seats).
● Optimize our workforce through professional learning with clear expectations, skill attainment, perfecting practice.
● Improve the organizational health of the district.
Increase achievement for all students through rigorous curriculum, high expectations and effective delivery of instruction, with assessment for improved teaching and increased learning.
● Increase the percentage of students proficient in math, literacy and science.
● Accelerate the learning for all students while narrowing the achievement gap for all subgroups.
● Create 21st Century schools that increase personal, emotional, social and academic independence in order to prepare students for college, career and citizenship.
Initiate, strengthen and engage in community partnerships that result in the academic, social and behavioral success of each and every student.
● Communicate frequently and accurately.
● Improve image and confidence in Waterloo Schools.
● Partner with businesses, organizations, people to secure resources and enhance real-world experiences.
● Empower Parents.
Provide an optimal learning environment that is safe, inspiring and welcoming, where all individuals are respected, valued and engaged. Secure, organize and optimize financial resources for human assets, programs and operations that support student achievement.
● Provide physical environment that allows for a safe learning environment.
● Provide programs that allow students to explore athletic and extra-curricular activities.
● Plan for future facility needs – plan and explore capital expenditures, prepare for future physical needs.
● Align financial resources to the established goals.