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2015-16 School Year

Elementary English Bosnian Spanish
Cunningham English Bosnian Spanish
Secondary English Bosnian Spanish

All students, except Cunningham, will make up our two snow days this school year on Monday, May 9 and Wednesday, June 8. May 9 was originally scheduled for a teacher in-service day, but as per our calendar it will be used as a snow make-up day. June 8 is currently the last day of school for students except Cunningham students, which will change only if there are additional snow days. Cunningham’s last day of school for students is June 9.

2015-16 School Times & Exceptions

Snow Days Make Up FAQ

Guidance – Seniors Last Day

  • Seniors last day will be Tuesday, May 31st.
  • May 31st can be used as a type of check out day, but is a required day.
  • Senior finals will be targeted for Thursday and Friday, May 26th and 27th.
  • If there is a snow day, then seniors will also need to make up that day, which will change their last day as stated in this email.

(This is different than past practice).

2016-17 School Year

Elementary English
Cunningham English
Secondary English

2016-17 School Supply List

Elementary English Spanish Bosnian
Elementary Marshallese Burmese French
Middle School English Spanish Bosnian Marshallese Burmese French