Career Interest Academies

Ready for the Real World

When you find something you’re interested in – everything changes.

You’re more curious. You work harder. You care more. You want to learn anything and everything about it. That’s what Career Interest Academies are all about.

Career Interest Academies are small learning communities of 300-400 students that offer courses with a career theme. For instance, construction, business and finance, performing arts, healthcare, marketing or engineering.

They empower students while preparing them for the real world. Here’s how they work:

  • Students choose. Students select their area of interest with the help of their parents and counselors.
  • Students learn. Students build skill sets for future employment or post-secondary education through partnerships with employers, the community and higher education.
  • Students grow. Students graduate ready for college or a career, and ready to contribute to their communities.

Just like in the real world, sometimes our interests change.  Students may change academies at the end of the year if they wish.

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