Employees of the Year

We have amazing employees! We are honoring our talented employees with Employees of the Year Awards, nominated by their peers, for their outstanding work and helping others to think globally and offer limitless choices. Employee groups honored are: Admin Support, Custodian, Food Service Department, Secretary and Teacher. Click here to nominate a deserving employee.

Congratulations to our 2016 Employees of the Year!


Debra, Jane, BevSecretary of the Year: Debra Tibbals! This person is described as poised, calm, helpful and exactly the face we need to see in our craziest moments. We are lucky to have this person at Bunger! This person holds the answers to our questions, the solutions to our problems and the support we need in our most stressful moments. This staff member knows the district inside and out and has helped guide other staff members through situations with ease and grace. The award winner goes above and beyond by hearing our worries, reassuring us that funding can be found when necessary and coming up with creative solutions for even the toughest problems. She keeps us all organized and is one of the keys to our building’s success.

Para-Educator of the Year: Kristia Rigdon! This staff member is called a rock star employee who Kristia, Jane, Bevgoes above and beyond every day. With a smile and a positive voice, this person works very hard to chunk the lessons into smaller more manageable pieces for the students. Her kind and gentle mannerisms, positive personality, strong work ethic and love of children are a joy to witness. Think of the nicest, most positive bubbly person you know and you will be thinking of her. She is truly a gift to our school and we are so lucky to have her!

DSC_0029Food Service Employee of the Year: Connie Abben! This person is described by one nominator as, “the most-beloved employee that we have at West High School.” The students adore this award recipient and appreciate her greatly because of her great acts of kindness. She goes above and beyond in helping students and staff. She brings students birthday cakes and is constantly giving treats out. She attends their open houses and has even sent flowers for funerals. She is the most caring individual we may have in the entire school district!Adriane and Jane

Family Support Worker of the Year: Adriane Carlson! This winner is described as an outstanding person who truly cares about the students. Not someone who just shows up to work, but goes above and beyond daily duties to help ensure that we have student success in our classrooms. So often people who do the most work go unnoticed; it is time this award recipient gets recognized for all the outstanding things she has done and continues to do. This person is truly an advocate for our students and works tirelessly to keep them safe and thriving!

Alija, Jane, BevCustodian of the Year: Alija Nadarevic! This staff person is called an OWNER, not a renter! Taking pride in the school, this award winner embraces all students but especially those who struggle to fit in. By sharing gifts and talents, this recipient has volunteered unpaid time to work with students and pushes Orange staff to think creatively and embrace diversity (not just in terms of gender and race, but unique gifts and talents of each individual). He is living the 7 habits and letting his light shine!

Teacher of the Year: Lawrence Boney! This staff person has Lawrence Boneyextremely high expectations for Kingsley students. Believing in every student and their ability to be a contributing member of our community, this award recipient exposes young people to many exciting topics to engage students in their work. This staff person prepares students not only academically, but in life skills as well and believes the true reward of being a teacher is to see your students later in life as successful adults.

Al YuAdministrative Support Employee of the  Year: Al Yu! In my opinion, Al is the most helpful person in the Waterloo Community School District. You can always count on him for help with whatever technology problem or question. Al addresses the issue with a professional, cheerful and respectful manner. He never makes anyone feel beneath him for asking a question. He is so knowledgeable and keeps up on all the current technology. A coworker is going back to school to become a teacher and needed to buy a computer, not knowing where to start. Al helped her out with a cheerful attitude, letting her know all her price options.

More 2016 Winners to be announced soon!!!




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Congratulations to the 2015 Award Winners!

Tom Clark Custodian of the Year- WEBCustodian of the Year: Tom Clark!  Tom Clark does everything he can to keep East in the best condition possible. Whenever a staff member needs something, Tom is usually the one who takes care of it. He never complains or acts like going above and beyond to help someone is a hassle. From running up last-minute orders from the loading dock to running down to the basement to get students desks, he is always there to help. Dedicated and caring are words used to describe him. He has a strong connection to East and the students that is evident in the quality and commitment of his work.

Food Service Department Employee of the Year: Janet Bessman!  Janet is described as Janet Bessman Food Service Employee of the Yearsomeone who goes above and beyond to make sure our students see a smiling face at lunch. She monitors the lunch room and takes notice of any child not eating, then helps find a solution. She has such attention to detail that she once discovered a family who normally had money in their lunch account was struggling to pay it. When she heard difficult circumstances were behind the situation, she navigated the process for them to apply for reduced lunch and eased their burden in the process.


Deb Stewart Admin Professional of the YearAdministrative Support Employee of the  Year: Deb Stewart!  Deb never makes you feel like you are interrupting her. She stops what she is doing to help anyone who asks with their insurance needs—and does so in a cheerful and sincere way. She is frequently cited in building climate surveys as a pleasant person to work with. Retiring this year after spending her entire career with Waterloo Schools, Deb can reflect on her self-less service to others that has impacted so many lives positively.


Kathy Vogel 2015 Teacher of the Year

Teacher/Counselor/Family Support Worker of the Year: Kathy Vogel!  Kathy is retiring after several years as a third grade teacher for Waterloo Schools. She has been an amazing role model for so many beginning and veteran teachers. By building relationships with her students, she creates a safe learning environment where every child knows their focus is education. She works long, hard hours to make sure her lessons are motivating and engaging for her students. Just watching her teach shows you how much respect her students have for her. By setting high expectation for those around her, she inspires greatness!


WEBPara-Educator of the Year: La’Shundra Archie! Called the most reliable para there can be, she goes above and beyond for the children and lets them know she believes in them. Her ability to connect with some of the more challenging students is based on caring, love and respect. She rarely misses work and will do whatever is needed to run the classroom. A great source of information about her students, she makes valuable observations about their learning and offers wonderful ideas to support them. What an asset to our kids, classroom and team!

Sue Denniston

Secretary of the Year: Sue Denniston!  Congratulations to Sue Denniston! The Lincoln Elementary secretary has been named Secretary of the Year for 2015. Sue goes above and beyond for the staff, students and families at Lincoln. This year she has been dealing with the return of her breast cancer, but in between treatments she makes every effort to be at work so she can support her Lincoln family. From helping diffuse situations with students to addressing parent concerns, Sue can be counted on to handle whatever comes her way from the front office. She inspires so many with her positive attitude, described as contagious to all around her.