Employees of the Year

We have amazing employees! We are honoring our talented employees with Employees of the Year Awards, nominated by their peers, for their outstanding work and helping others to think globally and offer limitless choices. Employee groups honored are: Admin Support, Custodian, Food Service Department, Secretary and Teacher.

2017 NomineesBruce Benter

High School Teacher of the Year, Bruce Benter: This staff person has been described by the nominator as “the best teacher I have ever seen.”  Everything this educator does is for the benefit of the students. When working with students, he is patient and takes all the time they need in order for them to understand the problem. He goes above and beyond every day and is never too busy to help. Even the toughest of our behavior students enjoy working with him because he is so patient. His nominator went on to write, “He is the most amazing person. He is not a person who does his job to be recognized. He truly loves what he does. I am so proud to call him co-worker and friend.” This teacher has worked in other buildings in our district, but truly found his niche when he came to Expo. One student had this to say about him, “If it hadn’t been for his patience and him believing in me I never would have graduated.”


RachelK-8 Teacher of the Year, Rachel Harmon: This staff person is described as awesome! As one of our students’ biggest cheerleaders, this award winner motivates them to go above and beyond in not only their learning, but as a member of our community. This person works long hours to ensure her lessons are engaging and fun for ALL learners. She knows things about her students: their strengths and weaknesses; what they like or dislike; their social situations, because she cares about them as people. Her zest and love of teaching shine through our building. She is a very valued member of our team.


Administrative Support Employee of the Year, Alma Garcia: This award winner has multipleAlma nominations. Described as welcoming and caring, this person has a constant willingness to put the needs of families first. She also goes above and beyond to help them in her spare time. When a family needs support, staff members know they can call on her because she is always positive and pro-active no matter the situation. With unruffled calmness and good humor, she supports the mission of the entire school. She improves scheduling efficiency to make communication possible. She advocates for all our kids as a teacher, tutor, mom and social worker. One nominator writes, “I’ve literally seen her responding to two teachers at the same time, holding a cell phone to her ear with one hand and helping a crying kindergartner into a winter coat with the other so that the child could get to the bus on time.” We appreciate her passion and love for our families every day!

Brandon RossPara-Educator of the Year, Brandon Ross: This award winner received the most nominations of any employee this year in the entire district. This person is described as invaluable and easy to work with. This award winner truly cares about everyone. He works with the most challenging students, yet is always calm and de-escalates situations with ease. With his help and tireless efforts, the behavior referral rates have fallen to historic lows for Hoover and the school district. This is directly connected to his proactive work with our at-risk student populations. He is the first at the door to greet students, the first to proactively find students who need a friendly reminder and redirect. He will take walks with students, shoot hoops, call parents and hold students after school as needed. He truly is a servant leader who is always doing what is best for kids!

Darrell MooreCampus Safety Employee of the Year, Darrell Moore: This staff member does his work without complaint. It is a tough job, but he makes it better because he builds relationships with students. He always approaches the job with a positive attitude and is always prepared to step in and help without worrying about whether it is part of his job assignment. The positive relationships allow him to move students to where they need to be without it turning into a huge argument or complaints that can escalate to bigger problems. We appreciate his efforts at East!

DSC_0111Secretary of the Year, Marquita Moore: This person is always a bright, happy face that you see first thing in the morning.  Described as a rock star during a difficult year at Lou Henry, this award winner received multiple nominations for this honor. She inspires students with songs, finds time to make coffee for others and cleans up even when she didn’t make the mess.  She greets students every morning with a smile, a hello, and a, “Glad you’re here!” She goes above and beyond to work with everyone and make everything better at Lou Henry. She is a very valuable member of our team and a very special person!

KimFood Service Employee of the  Year, Kim Rehlander: This award winner is an essential part of our Poyner staff and school. She works hard to ensure things are organized and the staff is ready to go each and every day! We are Poyner Proud of her and the impact she has on students being leaders in the lunch room.




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