Management Team

Main Office Staff  
 Heather Heather BathenDistrict Manager of Food/Nutrition ProgramDistrict Laundry (319)433-2036


[email protected]
 Shelly Shelly Smallridge District Assistant Manager of Food/Nutrition Program Concessions Manager (319)433-2039 [email protected]
 Jan picture Jan Nichols Office Manager

Free & Reduced Lunch App.

(319)433-2037 [email protected]
Building  Staff
 Tammy Tammy Loftus, ManagerEast High School
[email protected]
(319)433-2441 Satellites:
Lowell Elem.Kittrell Elem.
 Photo coming soon Staci Tiedt, Manager

West High School
[email protected]

(319)433-2719 Satellites:
Kingsley Elem.Kittrell Pre-school
  Denise Denise Woods ,Manager

Bunger Middle School
[email protected]

(319)433-2561 Satellites:
Elk Run Preschool
Highland Elem.
Poyner Elem.
 Heather R Heather Rickert, Manager,

Central Middle School
[email protected]

(319)433-2110 Satellites:
Becker Elem.
Irving Elem.
IMG_20150820_102439370 Jennifer Clendennen,

Manager Carver Academy
[email protected]

(319)433-2509 Satellites:
WCSFE Lincoln Elem.Expo High
  Michelle Michelle Card, Manager

Hoover Middle School
[email protected]

(319)433-2844 Satellites:
Orange Elem.
Lou Henry Elem.