Global Thinking Awards

Global-Thinking-AwardsWe have amazing employees! We are spotlighting our talented employees with Global Thinking Awards, nominated by their peers, for their outstanding work and helping others to think globally and offer limitless choices.  Each month Dr. Lindaman presents recipients with the award.  Click here for an on-line form.

This month’s recipients include: Jaquis Galloway, Jeff Sommerfeldt, Jon Decker, Molly Carty, and more to come!


Jaquis GallowayJaquis Galloway: This Global Thinking Award recipient has a positive influence on our children! He is an encourager, motivator and helps children focus on why it is important to learn. This person chooses to be positive and inspire each and every day. This award winner challenges others by taking the time to build relationships with students and their families. He is a role model to his children and teaches with discipline, responsibility and professionalism. No matter what, this recipient is a STAR! He represents our school well and is part of the glue that keeps our family together!

aj-cassidy-and-jessica-wassAJ Cassidy & Jessica Wass: These two staff members are described as great ambassadors for West high. They play a major role in setting and maintaining a tone of professionalism and purpose in our building. They both challenge staff to believe in all students’ abilities to be a change agent. These two award winners truly are global in their actions and are always working to BE WEST- Wise, Engaged, Safe and Trustworthy.

Jeff Sommerfeldt: Congratulations to Jeff Sommerfeldt on his Global Thinking Award! He makes jeff-sommerfeldttime for everyone, no matter how busy and makes the person fell they matter! Often doing a lot behind the scenes, this person does not get many thank yous as most people here do not realize all that’s being done. The nominator writes, “I am proud to know that he is there” and we are proud of all you do for the Waterloo Schools as well!

jon-deckerJon Decker: This award recipient enhances Expo’s learning environment in many ways. You can always see this person in the hallways making sure students are safe on a daily basis. This person truly cares about students and strives to make accommodations and modifications for those who may need a different approach to learning. He is very student-centered and patient with all of his students. You can tell he loves his job!

Molly Carty: This staff person is always willing to learn and to try new things. Students who work with molly-cartythis winner are offered numerous opportunities throughout the school day to guide their own learning. Called a great leader for her grade-level team, she also is described as super organized and someone who always has a smile on her face willing to do what is best for students and families. Thank you for all you do to make Highland great!

allie-schmidtAllie Schmidt: This staff person is great at bringing in new ideas and strategies for us to use in the classroom. When something isn’t working or going well, this award recipient isn’t afraid to “think outside the box” and try new things. She always does what’s best for kids! Described as extremely professional and a team player, this person will help anyone who asks. She always comes to work with a smile and is making an enormous difference in kids’ lives!

Becky Wooden: This staff person goes above and beyond to be an incredible teacher and team leader. becky-woodenDue to this award winner’s hard work, teams have experienced awesome growth and achievement. She finds other people’s potential and helps them realize it. Her nominator writes, “She is a true servant leader that sacrifices for others so they succeed.”

kathi-corbettKathi Corbett: This person always chooses positive, despite a lot of challenging situations and phone calls. No matter how stressful the circumstances, this award winner remains calm and collected and carefully guides those involved through the steps to reach a workable solution. Always willing to ask for feedback and input from others, this staff person is a true asset to Waterloo Schools and all the families she serves–the recent flooding situation was just another example of her pride in professionalism!

Danielle Hakeman: This award winner is described as a true leader who embodies professionalism in danielle-hakemanevery setting. Called a thorough and devoted learner with new students, teachers and resources, this person offers support without micro-management. Staff, students and families wouldn’t be the same without this person’s guidance. She fosters an environment of change and growth through encouragement and best practice support.

anna-graf-wade-timminsAnna Graf & Wade Timmins: These two staff members are being nominated together because they work as such a great team. They both really care about students and devote a lot of time and energy making connections with them. They enhance the learning community the most by being upbeat and proactive. Always available to listen and offer suggestions for any issue a teacher might bring up,  these two award recipients are great at providing modifications and accommodations for any student. These two people deserve the Global Thinking Award because they represent positivity. They also work tirelessly to include differentiation to make sure that all students in our school are successful every day!


amanda-dewallAmanda DeWall: This staff member always has high expectations for our Lincoln students! This person exemplifies what a positive attitude looks like throughout the entire day. These attributes help this recipient enhance our learning community. This staff member has gone above and beyond helping others improve their skills, stopping into classrooms to help where needed. This person is a rock star teacher that cares about what is best for kids above all else! She always has a smile on her face and works hard to make sure kids know that she cares. She takes on extra duties and is always willing to support our staff to help make them more effective in the classroom. This recipient is a true team player that is always choosing positive!

Chrissy Phillips: This staff person helps each student start their day off right. chrissy-phillipsFrom daily hugs, pep talks, positive words and constant smiles, this award recipient is one-of-a-kind and makes each student feel special and loved. Her positive attitude is contagious. She is truly a treasure to staff and students. Some people bring out the best in others and that is totally this winner!

jennifer-jorgensenJenni Jorgensen: This staff person has a unique gift of connecting with students. By using a blend of songs, technology and current events relative to the lives of students, this award recipient brings excitement and energy to Bunger. This person contributes during collaborative planning and has created a cross-curricular alignment which contributes to the foundation for students. Called a positive asset to Bunger and someone we are lucky to have here, this person is a great fit for Bunger staff & students!

john-hubbardJohn Hubbard: This staff person is always willing to go above and beyond. Continually posing questions to make us think about how we are meeting the needs of our students, this award recipient works to focus efforts on ALL students. Called professional, caring, compassionate, firm and fair, this person works to enrich the learning experience of everyone at Carver and is the perfect example of what it means to be a teacher!


Sarah Fisher: This staff person is nothing but a tremendous team player. This person finds any and every way to help the students be excited in what they are doing and then communicates that with the families. Her love for teaching and working with kids is evident every day. She never complains about the amount of work she has to do, but instead she embraces what needs to be done and drops what she’s doing in a heart beat to help out her teammates. Every day this award recipient is here really early teaching and guiding her team members in curriculum. She is a leader that every team desires to have and because of her she is making her grade successful!

joni-smithJoni Smith: This staff member is a great example of flexibility and perseverance and going the extra mile to help students and staff. Not only is this person concerned about teaching the students all the subjects, but this award recipient is concerned about teaching them life skills – how to get along in the real world. While working with students, this person is bombarded with staff questions and always comes up with solutions that work wonders. This person is truly cool and confident and a role model for all of us!

Tyler Babneau: This staff person has clear learning objectives for students. Not only is this award tyler-babneaurecipient an amazing teacher, but this person contributes to the overall success of Kingsley students. Always game for doing whatever it takes to push up sleeves and dive into the work with others to make Kingsley great, this winner is a hard worker that contributes so much to our staff. He makes Kingsley an even better place for his co-workers and the students he teaches! He makes music fun for all students and demonstrates their learning during performances- what an authentic purpose for learning and opportunity to celebrate!

sheila-butlerSheila Butler:
This person’s commitment to the students, staff and families at Cunningham is contagious! Always looking for ways to promote student success, this award recipient goes above and beyond to get kids to school, ready to learn and to help families access the resources they need to support their children. She was relentless in her efforts to get students registered and went out of her way to support families through the process. Her nominator calls her an extremely hard worker who is making a difference.

Jennifer Schlader: This staff member does so much for our school that is above and beyond the call ofjennifer-schlader any teacher. Truly this person puts her heart and soul into her job as an early childhood educator. She assures that every child in the school has the opportunity to learn about different subjects by bringing in different community members. She personally sets up every visit and creates each schedule so that the classrooms know when to go. She is always willing to lend a hand in anything that needs to be done and it shows in the relationships that she has built with the staff and students at Elk Run!


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