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Irving students want to make a difference! Reduce, reuse and recycle is the name of the game...

Irving students: Reusable lunch trays save money, environment

WATERLOO | Irving Elementary School’s fifth-graders are on a mission to remove disposable foam trays from Waterloo Community Schools’ lunchrooms.

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See our young learners interacting with STEM at the preschool level.

Early Childhood Education in the Waterloo Schools

See our young learners interacting with STEM at the preschool level.

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Congrats @M5Steggall @WaterlooSchools #FredBeckerElementary for @IowaCharacter School of Character Award! #TLIM

Twitter / LeaderValley: Congrats @M5Steggall ...

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East High students are taping the next episode of WSSN...talented kids! @eannouncements

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We are proud to announce Jill Hennings, 2nd grade teacher at Kittrell Elementary, as another 2014 Gold Star Teacher. Her announcement came in the middle of a spelling bee.

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