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Congrats to Graciela Demaldanado on her Global Thinking Award!!! This Lincoln staff member is described as someone who goes above and beyond to keep Lincoln looking its best. If there is a classroom that’s too noisy, too cold or too warm, she immediately addresses the issue so the students and staff can have a comfortable and safe learning environment. Interacting with students throughout the day, she is always friendly and shows how much she truly cares about kids. Her work ethic inspires others to put forth the extra effort, just like she does every day. She has a positive attitude and sets high expectations for what the building should look like, then upholds her standard. The staff love her and appreciate all that she does to help make Lincoln a wonderful place to work!

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Elk Run students experienced STEM at an early age with their recent STEM Fair!

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Waterloo Community School District updated their cover photo.

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Waterloo Community School District commented on their own status.

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Expo students record their first episode of WSSN.

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