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Waterloo Community School District

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FIGHT OR FLIGHT: New school shooter training

There's a shooter in your child's school -- how does your child react?

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Our canned food drive is over and we did an amazing job. We raised over $700 and close to 1500 food items! Great job everyone!

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Waterloo Community School District shared Volunteer Center of Cedar Valley's status update.

Volunteer Center of Cedar Valley

Tomorrow is Family Volunteer Day of Service!!!

Bring your family and join us tomorrow from 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. at Irving Elementary School and take part in many different onsite service projects!

Email or call (319) 272-2087 for more details!

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Way to go Lindsay Petersen on being selected as a Mix 93.5 Teacher of the Week! Ms. Petersen is a kindergarten teacher at Becker and is absolutely amazing. Since the first day of school my daughter has loved being in her class. Ms. Petersen sets goals for her students and encourages them to succeed. We've noticed such a change in our daughter in the short time she's been in first grade. She's more positive about learning, less stressed about school and has such confidence in herself and abilities. My husband and I are so thankful that she has Ms. Petersen this year. You often hear it only takes one teacher to change your child's outlook on learning and Ms. Petersen is that teacher for our daughter. We will always be grateful to her for showing our daughter that learning can be fun and that school doesn't have to be stressful. Ms. Petersen is the kind of teacher you want your child to have and for that reason I think she should be considered for teacher of the week!

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Congrats Wendy Pratt for being named a Mix 93.5 Teacher of the Week! Wendy Pratt is a behavioral teacher and goes more than the extra mile with her students, parents and us (bus drivers). She is always willing to help anybody at any time. She keeps all of us up to date with information and has ridden along on quite a few bus rides. She always puts her student's needs first. Please consider her as the next teacher of the week. She truly deserves it.

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