August 27, 2016

Last Updated: November 12, 2015



Club Leader E-mail
Academic Decathlon Matt Tracy [email protected]
Art Club Deidra Noborikawa [email protected]
Chamber Orchestra Rebecca Payne [email protected]
Christian Bible Club LTC Stephens [email protected]
Dance Team Timina Micou  [email protected]
Drill Team Deikeya Greer [email protected]
Drama Team Katie Albright  [email protected]
Drill Team Deikeya Greer [email protected]
East High Bible Study Club Todd Thompson [email protected]
French Club Amber Pichelmann [email protected]
FRC Robotics Vaughn Gross [email protected]
FTC Robotics Maggie Mnayer  [email protected]
Gospel Choir Sharrie Wright  [email protected]
JROTC LTC Stephens [email protected]
Intelligent Discussion Group Matt Tracy [email protected]
International Club Abigail Koeppel Amber Pichelmann [email protected][email protected]
Kickline Katie LeClere  [email protected]
Leadership Amy Miehe  [email protected]
National Honor Society Jill Jacobs [email protected]
ManPower Mike Robinson  [email protected]
Newspaper Karla Koch  [email protected]
Orchestra Becca Payne  [email protected]
Plushies of Gold Karla Koch  [email protected]
Speech and Debate Tony Dehl [email protected]
Step Team Bonnie Nelsen  [email protected]
Student Senate Nykki Miller  [email protected]
Theatre Club Sam Bass  [email protected]
Theatre Club Katie Albright [email protected]
Trojans Against Tobacco
UNI Talent Search Lori Dale Cliff Coney 
UNI Upward Bound Wilfred Johnson Jessie Eilbert [email protected]
Woman of Tomorrow Sharrie Wright [email protected]
Work Experience Kurt Hempen  [email protected]
Yearbook Karla Koch  [email protected]