August 18, 2017

January 2012 Site Council Minutes

Hoover Site Council Minutes
January 9, 2012
6:00 PM

1.  Welcome and Introductions

Mr. Cox welcomed approximately 20 parents and guests, not including the 10 members of the FLL team.

2.  First Lego League Demonstration (Room 103)

Mrs. Willis and the 10 members of the Bionic Bandits First Lego League team gave an overview of their work, followed by their official presentation that they would make at the state competition in Ames on January 14.

3.  Android Tablet / iPad Pilot Project

Mrs. Lalk showed a short video clip of the Android tablet pilot project at Hoover.  After the video she engaged parents in using the tablets.

4.  New Math Curriculum Update

Since the first two presentations lasted until about 6:50 PM, the math curriculum update was postponed until the February meeting.

5. 8th Grade Dance

  • May 18, 2012
  • Parent Committees
  • Fines/Fees

Teesha Peters and Lena Simmons have agreed to lead the committee.

6.  Other

A short Q & A over the music changes ensued.  Mr. Cox explained that the new music model (moving band out of 5th grade, starting in 6th grade, and having band every day) results in 90 MORE hours of instruction over the course of the middle school years than the format that has been in place.

7.  Next Meeting: February 6, 2012