August 18, 2017

March 2012 Site Council Minutes

Hoover Site Council Minutes
March 5, 2012

1.     Welcome and Introductions

Mr. Cox welcomed 7 parents, 2 teachers, 1 school counselor and the 2 assistant principals.

2.     Parent/Teacher Conference Recap

A parent suggested that the conference time slots be increased to 20 minutes rather than 15 minutes.  A concern is that it would decrease the number of overall conference time slots each teacher has available.  A second suggestion was to have a way for parents to schedule additional conferences in advance if they wanted to see more than one teacher.

3.     Renaissance Awards

The ceremony is this Thursday at 7:00 PM in the auditorium.  Dr. Kimball will be the featured speaker.

4.     Iowa Assessments

This is the new name of the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills.  We will test during content classes (7th & 8th grades) the weeks of March 26 and April 2.  The 6th grade will have a testing period in the morning.  All tests and make-ups must conclude by April 13.

5.     Master Schedule Changes

Mr. Cox explained the new system for exploratory classes for 2012-13.  All 6th and 7th graders will take 6 weeks of art, FCS, industrial technology, PE, and technology.  They will then choose one of the courses to take for the final 6 weeks.  All 8th grade students will take one rotation of PE and then may choose to take any of the remaining courses for however many rotations they would like.  We want parents to assist their 8th graders in making those selections.  This will allow students to go deeper into areas in which they have a strong interest so they can develop those skills and talents.  Mr. Morgan explained how it might work in his industrial technology class and the woodworking skills the students could develop.

6.     8th Grade Party

“Twilight under the Stars” is this year’s theme.  Teesha Peters and Lena Simmons are co-chairing the committee.  The dance is from 6:30 – 9:00 PM.  It is not intended to be a prom for 8th graders and very formal attire is not appropriate for the event.

7.     Other

On March 29 there is a Hoover/West jazz concert at West HS.

8.     Next Meeting:  April 2, 2012