Teach me how to “Interlude”

Jersey Shore fist pumps, hand claps and warming up around the fire are just some of the steps to the unique new dance formed by students from UNI.

“The Interlude Dance” was created in 2010 by Tyler Wright, Ian Goldsmith, and Scott Connerley. It originally started as “The Gruff Dance” but was later lengthened with dance moves by Goldsmith and Connerley.

It has become especially popular at UNI Panther sporting events and even at West High. West students performed the “Interlude” dance at the boys’ and girls’ basketball games against Cedar Falls.

Learning the “Interlude Dance” is fairly simple. There are six dance steps.

The first dance step, “warming up around the fire” starts off with huddling in a circle with your group and jumping from one foot to the other while moving your hands as if you were warming them up.

Then you continue by adding hand claps while still jumping from one foot to the other.

The second step, the main one, is “the interlude.” To perform the interlude you jump up and down in a circle while waving your arms up and down.

Step three is called “sparkles.” In this step you move your fists around crazily.

The fourth step is “ninja robot” basically sharp jabs with your hands in sync with the music.

The fifth step is the “Jersey Shore fist pump” which a lot of students seem to know. You start by fist pumping at the ground and then you bring your fist up as you straighten your body and start hopping up and down to continue onto step six.

Step six is “revenge of the interlude” which is step two repeated.

Once you learn those easy steps, they’re a good way to get the crowd pumped at sporting events.