Dress Code Update

Today the State Board of Education affirmed the Administrative Law Judge’s proposed decision to overturn our district dress code policy (the first one).  This has no effect on our current dress code policy.   As you know, in December, our Board revised the dress code policy with a new, proscriptively written one.  That revised policy is still in effect. 

We are working with the Iowa Legislature to change the section of the Code that deals with student dress codes.  House File 77  would amend the Iowa Code to give local school boards clear authority to define local dress codes to meet the needs of their communities.  It is now in the House Education Committee. 

Although our current dress code has been appealed to the State Board of Education as the first one was, there will not be any hearing on it until after the Iowa Legislature decides on a bill currently under consideration.  This should take us through the rest of this school year with no change in the dress code.

Once the Code is amended, that should take care of the issue for the long term.  Attached are key messages for the amendment of the Code.  code amendment key messages

Contact Sharon Miller with any questions.Sharon’s email

Deal with Complaints

No one likes hearing complaints, and many of us have developed a reflex shrug, saying, “You can’t please all the people all the time.”  Maybe not, but if you give the complaint your attention, you may be able to please this one person this one time, and position yourself to reap the benefits of good customer service.  Sometimes all it takes is a good listener.  Usually the caller isn’t mad at you, they are upset and just want someone to listen.  It is always good to hear the complaint and have someone return the call  later, after the caller has a chance to cool off.

Which Buildings has the One Cent Already Improved?

Q. Which buildings has the One Cent already improved?  Which ones are coming?

A. Carver, Cunningham, Highland, Irving, Kittrell, Lincoln, Lou Henry, Poyner – built new
-East High, West High, McKinstry (Expo Alternative Learning Center), Hoover, Bunger, Kingsley and Lowell — renovated or expanded
-Edison & Black Hawk combination (West Elementary) under new construction
Remaining projects:  Orange replacement and middle and high schools renovations and additions

The Flash has been featuring a Question & Answer section addressing questions employees have concerning the District. 
In addition to submitting your questions to the School & Community Relations Department via email to [email protected], or dropping a note to Sharon Miller through interoffice mail, you may call our anonymous “Ask Us First” phone line at ext. 10AUF (10283).  Look for all questions to be answered in the “Ask Us First” section in upcoming Flash articles or if relevant to only one building, the answer will be presented in your staff meeting or bulletin.  The questions and answers will also be posted on a weekly basis online.  All names will remain confidential.

Ripple Effect

Up to 75% of the human body is made up of water, and this simple substance works daily miracles for your health and fitness.  In fact, EVERY system in your body depends on water to function properly.  Water aids digestion, keeps skin and other organs healthy, helps regulate your body temperature, and can even help prevent colds and flu (or at least lessen the symptoms).  So what’s the best way to give your body the water it need?  Drink fresh, pure water throughout the day, and try to make a habit of choosing water instead of soda.  Let the fantastic effects of water ripple through your whole body!

Checking Your District Voicemail

Voicemail can be checked from any phone in the world (like a cell phone) by dialing 433-1899, then press star, then input your extension and passcode.  For more information, contact the Help Desk at #10158.

Kingsley Cosmic Cougars Win Judges Award

The Cosmic Cougars, a 5th grade group of students from Kingsley Elementary, have earned the Judge’s Award at the First Lego League State Competition in Ames on January 15th.  The Judges Award is given when the judges encounter a team whose unique efforts, performance, and/or dynamics merit recognition. Some teams have a story that sets them apart in a unique way.  Sometimes a team is so close to winning an award that the judges choose togive special recognition to them. This award gives the judges the freedom to recognize the most remarkable teams for which a standard award does not exist.  The team is coached by Andi Slack, 5th Grade Teacher at Kingsley Elementary School, and mentored by Heidi Mikulsky and Neal Muzzy.  Team members include:  Alija Ahmetasevic, Sam Anderson, Evan Baker, Ben Dunkerton, Clayton Mills, Sam O’Brien, Zane Slack, Mary Smith, Amber Willis, and Sam Wright.  Congratulations on your hard work and dedication!

Cunningham 5K Run/Walk

Cunningham will host a 5K Run/Walk on April 16, 2011.  The start and finish is at Cunningham, 1224 Mobile Street, and will begin at 9am.  
Registration forms are due by April 1st.  2011-Registration-Form

Revenue Purpose Statement Voting Locations

The 2011 Special Elections will be held February 1, from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm for Waterloo and Cedar Falls School Districts.

Click here to find your polling location .  

VOTERS–A special election will be held February 1, 2011, to allow the Waterloo Schools to use the One Cent for Schools tax revenue to continue rebuilding and renovating schools.  Approval would not increase your taxes. 
Important Facts:
-We have spent the previous one cent money as promised.
-Only way we can build or remodel any additional projects would be to pass the RPS.
-Approval would not raise taxes.
-The one cent money has made a huge difference in our schools and community.
-Passage would allow us to spend the SAVE money on much needed future projects.

For more information about the One Cent for Schools, click on the RPS Frequently Asked Questions.

Voluntary Transfer Update

The voluntary transfer process is on hold at this time.  The district has not received notification from the state regarding designated SINA schools and the options for “school choice” transfers.  This was the NCLB mandated process that led to numerous transfers to Kingsley, Orange, and Lou Henry last year and will need to be addressed before voluntary transfers.

Open Enrollment Payments

The amounts listed below are second quarter open enrollment payments for students open enrolled out to surrounding school districts.

Cedar Falls- $238,661.00
Denver- $11,572.00
Dike-New Hartford- $1,442.00
Dunkerton- $14,217.50
Hudson- $60,564.00
La Porte City- $44,990.65
Wapsie Valley- $4,326.00