Dress Code

Parents-here’s helpful dress code information.

New for the 2017-18 school year, the school board approved the following revisions to the District’s standardized dress code:

  1. Tops worn untucked
  2. Collared, two-tone shirts such as those that have a colored trim
  3. Single-colored stripe or single-colored plaid, collared shirts
  4. Fleece-style jackets
  5. Belts are no longer required at the elementary level

These changes begin this fall. Examples are provided below:

2017 dress code update2








2017 dress code update






















This chart PreK-12 Dress Code Reference Chart 2016-17, Bosnian, SpanishMarshallese, French outlines what students may not wear, broken down by tops, bottoms, footwear, and jackets for all* Pre-K – 12 students.

Exceptions to the dress code will be made for students with IEPs, religious beliefs, JROTC uniforms, or health conditions that require accommodations.